Are you feeling overwhelmed by work stress, family stress, and/or everyday life stressors piling up? Everyone has their limits. At PFOMC we help by providing cognitive-behavioral therapy. What is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT? Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the principles of awareness to your thoughts, and how your thoughts directly impact your feelings and behaviors. Once you are aware of your negative thoughts, you can then choose to replace more positive thoughts. This process can help improve one’s mood dramatically.

We are expanding our facility with several new counselors who are described and listed in the About tab under Clinicians.

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Welcome to my website! I’m Michelle Hall, M. Ed., CT, LPC-S owner/counselor of Positive Frame of Mind Counseling PLLC.  PFOMC offers counseling services for adults, teens, & children. CANs assessments can also be offered as necessary or required–Assessing present children’s & adolescent’s needs. I’m a certified thanatologist which means that I’m extensively trained to help one work through death, dying, and bereavement processes.

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